If you create the following five pieces of content, your next listings will definitely have a higher chance of selling more quickly.  You will also have the edge in the marketplace.  Furthermore, you will have a useful presentation to showcase your marketing strategies to your future sellers.

  1. Blog post –   Agents have some of the greatest content on the face of the earth and that’s homes.  If you have good quality photos showcasing the great features of the home, it’s the perfect way to catch your reader’s attention for your blog post.   You can write a blog post for each home you have on the market.  There are many things you can include in the blog post such as school districts, local shopping, and great amenities the home has to offer.  There are so many great tools out there today to help write a blog post from WordPress to simply even using LinkedIn.
  2. Video – Not every home requires a full on video production, however, every home can use a simple slideshow of the photographs that are taken. We offer what we call a basic branded video for as little as $29.  The nice thing about having an actual video is you can post it to Facebook and YouTube.
  3. Single web page – A single web page is an excellent way to market and promotes a home by giving the buyer a convenient way to see all the information about the home in one convenient place.  We offer a turnkey solution for this so you don’t have to do any of the work. All you have to do is purchase a domain name or you can even use a simple bit.ly link.
  4. Virtual Tours – It is all about presentation and branding.  If your presentation looks great, then your clients are going to love it. Virtual tours are really unique because they offer a lot of benefits such as analytics, a full media experience and the ability to add lead capture forms.  It’s one more piece of content you can share on social media.
  5. Instagram – This is a powerful social media platform which you can use to showcase your properties.  You can now create a business profile for Instagram complete with contact buttons.

Here is an article about virtual tours, http://fullarmourstudios.com/6-of-many-reasons-why-branded-virtual-tours-are-right-for-realtors/


Here a link to a single web page, http://fusion.realtourvision.com/virtual-tour/28w560-Woodland-Rd-Warrenville-IL-60555


Here’s what our  basic branded video look like.