Reasons Why a Branded Tour is Right for Your Business

Everyone is looking for an edge especially businesses.  Through all the noise and chatter out there these days, businesses need something a little more unique.  For some businesses a branded virtual tour is definitely the way to stand out. We’re all familiar with Google virtual tours. So how does a branded tour compare to a Google tour?  While both tours are beneficial, I believe the branded tour has a few features to offer that a Google tour does not.  With that said, the Google tours have a lot to offer especially for local businesses.  Below is a list of some of the many benefits that a branded tour offers.  These are the reasons that businesses like Blackberry Farm, Whirly Ball, Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center, and Marmion Academy has all chosen a branded tour.

  1. Look and feel –  You have a certain look and feel to your location whether it’s a colorful bouncy house area, a tactical laser tag experience, or a mini golf tropical adventure. Your virtual tour should represent your brand and look and feel.
  2. Analytics – Our virtual tours provide weekly analytics showcasing where the leads come from whether it’s from Facebook or your website.
  3. More bookings – On average, our branded virtual tour gets about 27 extra bookings a year  because of people seeing your location.  Also, we add the ability to request more information right in the virtual tour. and companies like whirly ball have received an astonishing 72 new leads in just a few months.
  4. Mobile friendly – Your tour can be viewed on any mobile device.
  5. Integration – Our branded virtual tours integrate with most websites which make  it easier to showcase your location.